Who We Are

We, at Sublime Merchant Services, are committed to excellence. 

We refuse to cut corners. We choose the road less traveled because it is the only thing that differentiates us from the competition. We would rather keep customers than obtain new merchants. With this philosophy as the cornerstone of our enterprise, we have grown in leaps and bounds by simple word of mouth. We enjoy knowing that it is our clients that drive our sales, rather than our representatives.

Our Company

We have had the privilege of composing our company from incredibly knowledgeable industry veterans. The cumulative experience of the members of our executive staff totals over 20 years in the industry. Many of us have had the displeasure of witnessing how many different credit card processing companies “should not” be run. We pride ourselves in maintaining a level of professionalism, respect and courtesy to our reps and merchants. We would rather make less money and keep people happy. The way business should be conducted.

Sublime Merchant Advantages:

• Low Rate Retail Processing

• Free Equipment

• High Risk Processing

• Cash Advance

Digital Age

This world of ours has seen immense technological advancements over the past 20 years. The fact is this and nothing less: If a company is not riding the wave of digital solutions, they will most likely drown. We understand this necessity and therefore have established close connections with the largest and most progressive merchant hardware and software companies. We make sure all equipment is PCI Compliant. We also make sure you have the right technology to fit your industry needs....