What we do

The credit card processing industry is currently oversaturated with service providers...

Every year more third party processors are added to the mix. In an economy of frugality, we understand that though it is necessary to be open-minded to “every” cost-cutting avenue, it is frustrating and exhausting dealing with a myriad amount of price quotes for merchant services. Even more frustrating is the complexity of these pricing structures. Many times a merchant will be exploited due to their lack of industry knowledge and, unknowingly so, agree to a setup that is not only unsuitable for their business, but effectively more expensive.

At Sublime Merchants, we rise miles above the competition through financial transparency and old-fashioned business fundamentals. We believe our prolonged experience in the industry dictates that a client will only remain a client if kept happy. That is why we focus on not just cost saving, but profit increasing merchant services tools. If we can help you grow your business, we are not just a merchant services provider but creating a long-term partnership where Sublime Merchants doesn’t have to worry about losing your business. This way we don't have cancellation fees on the majority of our contacts.  

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