What We Offer

  • Visa/MC/Disc Processing

  • American Express Processing

  • PIN based & EBT

  • Free terminals including wireless and POS

  • Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards

  • E-Check Services

  • Consumer Finance (90 days same as cash)

  • ATM

  • Cash Advance

  • Consumer Finance

  • Constant Contact


Services Overview

Visa/MC/Disc Processing

We are capable of offering the ability to accept all Visa, MasterCard, and Discover transactions. Due to our esteemed status as an Interchange Plus Provider, we are capable of offering base level pricing at 10 BPTS & $0.10 for qualified merchants. This enables us to offer pricing structures so competitive that rarely will an approaching competitor be capable of showing even the slightest amount of savings when proposing a processing switch.


American Express Processing

We can offer both Amex One Point Processing as well as Amex ESA Processing. Do not hesitate to inquire about these separate setups. We can assist in discovering which program suits you the best.


PIN based & Offline Debit

Many merchants are not aware of the benefits of accepting PIN based debit. Accepting a PIN number when swiping a debit card eliminates a large amount of risk. Elimination of risk means elimination of fees. We are however in a position to offer PIN based as well as Offline (no PIN entered) Debit. We always show the benefits, but ultimately allow the merchant to make up their own mind.


EBT & Government Cards

These cards are business type specific. If your business classification qualifies you to accept these cards, we will outline the benefits and provide the service upon request..


Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards

Not only are we capable of processing your existing Gift Cards, but we offer many different packages for Gift Card & Loyalty Card to be set up at your location. Offer your clients a method of payment that keeps them coming back!


E-Check Services

Add yet another avenue of payment to your customers. We offer Check Conversion, Verification, Guarantee, & Collections. Ask a representative if this may benefit your business!


Fleet Cards

We are capable of Processing Fleet tickets, Wright Express, Voyager, Marathon, and many more Fleet cards. These cards are also business type specific.



There are a couple different ways a merchant can go about getting ATMs at their location. Not only is this a valued service to provide to customers, but it can also be a side-stream of revenue into the business. The first option is to merely allow our company to place one in your location. We would stock the cash and service the ATM for you easily enabling you to provide this service to your customers with no out of pocket cost to you. Secondly; it is an option for a merchant to purchase or lease the unit. In this case, the merchant would stock the cash and service the ATM. This would also allow the merchant to set the service cost creating profit out of every cash withdrawal a customer makes.


Business Loan

Today’s banks are becoming increasingly more stringent with business loaning. For small to medium sized businesses, this can be fatal. We are pleased to be in a position to offer yet another solution to a popular problem. Our Merchant Cash Advance Program focuses on the health of your business, not your personal credit score. This enables a merchant to leverage their current credit card processing activity to receive an up-front, unsecured advance, based on up to 1.5 their monthly Visa/MasterCard processing volume.

Loans from $5,000-250,000, 3-24 month terms, receive funding in as fast as 1 business day- you can’t go wrong!


Consumer Finance

This program offers a lower cost 3 / 6 / 12 /18 month financing program by utilizing your customer’s checking account. The payments are guaranteed by our bank and you can be ensured that you will be paid for within 72 hours. We automatically debit the consumer's bank account at each deferred deposit date while settling the funds directly to your bank account electronically.


Constant Contact 


We are the ONLY merchant services company partnered with Constant Contact. We offer our clients a special trial period of 90 days. Within those 90 days, clients can utilize a plethora of tools, such as email marketing, social media marketing, online surveying, event marketing, and more. Our partnership with Constant Contact empowers small businesses and organizations to create and grow customer relationships and succeed, and that’s what we’re all about!

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