What we offer

At Sublime Merchant Services, we offer

a nearly unlimited array of options for processing hardware and software. With a complete warehouse of merchant processing terminals stocked, we are capable of providing a merchant with equipment at base, manufacturer cost. In addition to purchasing options, we also offer affordable and protected leasing options for merchants who would rather not come too deep out of pocket.

In addition to Physical terminal for Physical “face to face” merchants, we offer many E-commerce processing solutions for our internet based merchants. We realize that in our current economy, more and more transactions are being processed online. Due to this fact, merchants need to be confident that not only will their processing method be turn-key and simple, but secure and protected. We at Sublime Merchants wouldn’t feel comfortable with anything less than complete security and simplicity.

We have prolonged experience processing successfully for the following types of businesses:

Retail/Swiped/Face-to-Face Merchants

Merchants that have physical, Brick & Mortar businesses and have physical customers fall into this category.

Mo/To (Mail Order/Telephone Order)

Merchants who usually do not have physical customers and process transactions where the card is not present fall into this category. They will key-in the card number into the credit card terminal instead of swiping the majority of their cards.

Internet & E-Commerce Merchants

Merchants who have online shopping carts where customers enter their card information into a digital forum will fall into this category. Some would-be Mo/To merchants who do not have a merchant terminal may want to have a gateway set up so that they may key their customers card information into the computer and process the card via the Internet.

Hotel, Lodging Merchants

Merchants who require to ability to hold pre-authorized deposits for services will fall into this category. They require the ability to credit the customer back the deposit once the room has been inspected and is in a comparable condition to when it was booked.

Restaurant/Salon with Tip Merchants

This setup is very similar to Retail Merchants; physical location, physical clients, cards swiped. The only difference is the ability to accept a tip. The merchant will require the ability to run the initial transaction, have their client sign the receipt and notate the tip amount, and then go back into the terminal and add the tip to the initial transaction amount.

High Risk

We have several banks that are more than interested to board your account. Whether you're a new business or existing, we can place your account. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been declined before, as most merchant accounts have experienced the same at some point in time.

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