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We help businesses establish their merchant system and make sure that all loose ends are covered!

We have had the privilege of composing our company from incredibly knowledgeable industry veterans. The cumulative experience of the members of our executive staff totals over 20 years in the industry. Many of us have had the displeasure of witnessing how many different credit card processing companies should not be ran. We pride ourselves in maintaining a level of professionalism, respect and courtesy to our reps and merchants. We would rather make less money and keep people happy. The way business should be conducted.

We, at Sublime Merchant Services, are committed to excellence. We refuse to cut corners. We choose the road less traveled because it is the only thing that differentiates us from the competition. We would rather keep customers than obtain new merchants. With this philosophy as the cornerstone of our enterprise, we have grown in leaps and bounds by simple word of mouth.

Secure Payment Solutions for Businesses

Sublime Merchants offer expert consulting in getting your merchant requirements up and running safely and securely, ensuring maximum protection for your consumers and minimizing risk on your company.


24/7 support from start to finish ensuring your payment solution is complete and secure

Always There For You

Partner with us to guarantee a safe and secure payment gateway for your customers

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Offering a wide range of payment solutions spanning across most industries

Taking Care of Business

Offering unique and custom payment solutions for different industry needs

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Maximizing security and minimizing risk by implementing Elanova solutions

Power of the cloud

Put your customer’s security first when partnering with Elavona

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